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Raccoopack Media featured in The Best App Developers in Vancouver 2021

Raccoopack Media has been featured as one of the top app developers by Best in Vancouver! In particular, this 2021 list was curated based on a market analysis of  app development companies in Vancouver across dimensions such as level of expertise, reliability, breadth of services offered, and customer satisfaction.

Here is what they had to say in their review:

Raccoopack Media is the best Vancouver-based digital studio that crafts amazing apps, websites, and games. Unlike other companies, their specialty is in gamification, wherein they make polished products stand out in engagement and usability.

The advantage of working with them is that gamification can enhance learning since it provides users with hands-on experiences as they interact with the learning content. Through this, people can develop practical knowledge more effectively than traditional learning.

Their company is more known than others because they use a user-centric and agile approach.

They thoroughly understand the need of their clients and their target audience before creating a product. This is to ensure that their outcome can also spark connections and conversations to people.

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