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Raccoopack Media named as a Top Mobile Development Company 2022

We’re proud to be recognized for another year as one of the top mobile app development companies in Techreviewer! Check out the press release below.

TechReviewer – February 17, 2022

Raccoopack Media is recognized by Techreviewer as a Top Mobile Development Company in 2022

Raccoopack Media offers some of the best mobile solutions for customers at one of the most affordable prices in the Canadian app development market. Their mass amount of knowledge and expertise has allowed them to stand out from competitors and take a large step forward in the market becoming one of the best mobile development companies to choose from. Not only do they offer exceptional services at affordable rates, but they also have high ratings from customer reviews. With a solid rating it is no doubt, that they easily found their way onto our list.

As well, Raccoopack Media with their portfolio and outstanding services has built an excellent brand and reputation for themselves. Not to mention, they have numerous awards and clients across North America. The company has stood out in these criteria compared to others, and that is why they have earned themselves a spot on Techreviewer’s list. It would be no surprise to continue to see news about Raccoopack Media, and to see them keep climbing up the list. In conclusion, Raccoopack Media is an astonishing app development company and a strong choice for any organization’s mobile development needs.


Techreviewer thinks consumers should be able to find competent companies without a hassle. No longer should consumers have to browse the internet for hours trying to find the right company for the job because that is what they do. Techreviewer is a research and analytics company that compares all companies in a specific market and then generates a list of the top performers. Focusing primarily on IT companies that offer services in software, web and mobule development, technical support, system integration, AI, Big Data, or business analysis. This way they help consumers find the best match their needs, and consumers no longer have to do any of the research, it is all on Techreviewer’s lists. 

Techreviewer has several criteria that they compare all companies in and they are:

• Services offered

• Reputation and brand visibility

• Customer reviews

• Awards received

• Company clients

• Case studies

• Social media activity


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