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Weaving intricate bracelets can be complex – Let’s reduce the learning curve with guided tutorials on an interactive tablet app.

We worked with Spicebox Product Development to bring an outdated app up to speed with modern tablet devices, resolving hundreds of bugs and issues in the process.



The i-loom app provides guided tutorials on weaving bracelets on tablets, and is complimentary with the purchase of the physical loom. In the past, this app was praised with a highly positive reception. However, as years passed, user ratings declined due to issues with bugs and incompatibility with newer devices.

Spicebox recently acquired this product, and wanted to improve the app’s user experience prior to a product relaunch. As Raccoopack Media is experienced with app development for education and training, Spicebox reached out to us to revitalize i-loom app.



The goal of the project is to update and optimize the i-loom app for iOS and Android devices, including a relaunch to the App Store and Play Store. After we mapped out the problem space, the next step was to identify and prioritize the issues that were essential for a successful launch.


From our analysis, we created a list of the most important issues to address:


  • Migrating the project from Unity 5 to Unity 2018
  • Updating Unity asset packs to resolve compatibility issues
  • Repairing a freezing iOS tutorial
  • Updating the Android QR code scanner 
  • Fixing launch critical bugs


Collaborative Problem-Solving

At the beginning of the project, an obstacle our team had encountered was a lack of access to a working version of the app. This resulted in guesswork on how some features had performed, which involved many uncertainties.

Fortunately, our agile processes enabled us to address this challenge by using frequent client communication. By brainstorming with Spicebox, we quickly discovered that the previous developer had some past footage of the app. We coordinated with Spicebox to secure the necessary information throughout the project, which paved the path for our team to recreate and repair the app’s most important features.

Profile: Before vs After Rework

Colour Palette: Before vs After Rework


From our consistent efforts, we were able to successfully bring the i-loom app into modern times. The app, once plagued with bugs and compatibility issues, is now able to run smoothly on iOS and Android tablet devices:

  • Launch-ready state for App Store and Play Store
  • Upgraded app project to Unity 2018
  • 1000+ broken references resolved
  • 100+ missing scripts repaired

As we are continuing to work with SpiceBox post-launch to develop more exciting features to the i-loom app, stay tuned for more updates on this case study! 



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