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The Parts Tracker App drastically reduces lost parts and saves 1000+ production hours each year.


We developed the Parts Tracker App, a responsive web application that actively updates and tracks the location of parts inside a manufacturing factory.



Growth in a manufacturing business comes with logistical challenges. When there are thousands of moving parts, excessive overhead hours are spent on tracking their movement from location to location. What if we create a web app that shows where parts are located at all times?

Kekuli Bay Cabinetry, one of the largest Canadian cabinet manufacturers in British Columbia, needed a digital solution for managing the information of cabinetry parts. There are many off-the-shelf technologies available in the market to support this need. However, these systems are often bloated with unnecessary features, and are not a cost-effective solution in the long term.



The Parts Tracker App is a responsive, user-friendly web application that efficiently tracks the location of parts inside a factory at all times:

  • QR code scanning to update the locations of parts
  • Search, view, and export information of parts
  • User accounts and login
  • Custom admin panel for creating, managing, and viewing parts
  • Mobile, tablet, and desktop compatibility



Embracing User-Centered Design

With any project at Raccoopack Media, we begin by understanding the needs of the users and their objectives. To accomplish this, we interviewed managers and employees at Kekuli Bay Cabinetry, taking time to map out their day-to-day business processes. This allowed us to clarify the detailed app requirements, such as the types of information that need to be tracked, steps involved in scanning parts, and core features of the app.

Simplicity, efficiency, and intuitiveness were identified as the design pillars of the app. Following these pillars, we created a minimalistic yet highly functional design, which allows the user experience to be focused on the input and reading of information.

Optimizing the User Experience


During the development of the app, we conducted remote user testing sessions with a group of 10 employees to understand whether the app meets the criteria of being easy to use. We observed how users would interact with the app, noting down opportunities to enhance the user experience. By ensuring that the app is intuitive and easy to use, we generate further cost savings for our client, namely from time saved in training and troubleshooting.

After conducting user testing, we analyzed the resulting testing data, and gained valuable insights on how to take the intuitiveness factor one level higher. For example, we discovered that employees needed more time to view pop-up messages, and we fine-tuned the durations accordingly.



By following a high level standard of user-centered design, we were able to deliver a seamless and smooth part scanning experience across mobile and tablet devices. Employees can easily scan and update the location of parts, while managers can quickly retrieve and locate the parts with a click of a button.

The Parts Tracker application will provide cascading advantages for Kekuli Bay Cabinetry: Time saved, cost savings in parts, and faster fulfillment time of customer orders.


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“What stands out about their team is their great attention to detail and commitment to delivering precise solutions. Let them take the lead because they’re experts at what they do. You only need to trust Raccoopack Media to make great things happen."
Matt McLellan
(Factory Service Manager Kekuli Bay Cabinetry)

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