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" The best thing to happen to the martial arts world since the belt system. "
Ron Curran
(Owner of Curran’s Karate)

Ron Curran, a long-time karate instructor and owner of Curran’s Karate approached us with the idea of building out an integrated system that help engage not only his karate students, but also the people that take care of them in a fun and engaging way.


The Art of Discipline

Martial arts is an art of discipline. Students need courage and motivation to attend class each week, and practicing for years to advance through the belts.

A central problem that many martial art schools face is that once students give up and leave, they never come back.

We wanted to fix that.

By specializing in building apps that focus on engagement and fun, this project was a great fit. Soon enough, Curran’s Karate partnered with us to build a gamified platform for his martial arts schools.


Discipline is a two-way street

The MyDojo platform consists of 2 apps:

The MyDojo Game

In the MyDojo game, students decorate and customize their own personal dojo.

As students attend class and complete challenges assigned by parents, they receive in-game rewards that can be used to upgrade their dojo!

Main features include
  • Train characters to level up
  • Build, decorate, and level up your dojo
  • Complete challenges from parents to earn points
  • 3 original character designs
  • Unlock new adventures by attending real-life class
  • 100+ unique decoration items and customizations


The Companion App

The Companion App carries two sides of functionality that serve two user groups.

The Parents

Parents can use the app and view a dashboard of their child’s progress — both in game and school.
They can assign custom challenges, such as helping with household chores or reading a chapter in a book to reward them after.

The Instructors

Instructors can manage their dojo all in one place. 

They can take attendance, track student rank progression, and update parent and student information to help them rank up and receive rewards for their positive actions.


From ideas to execution

To spark life into the initial concept of the MyDojo ecosystem, we first began with creative briefs and workshops to brainstorm the vision - ultimately refining the concept into characters, backgrounds, and gameplay.

As with any project that we do, we always bring the app into the hands of users to get their feedback. Utilizing in-person and remote user test sessions, we were able to make the user experience better - taking the project to further heights.

We met frequently to collaborate with the client, reviewing designs together and testing prototypes to ensure that we were on the same page at all times.


Appreciating the journey

Looking back, what came out was a beautiful, gamified platform for martial arts schools, catering to everyone from children, parents, and instructors. Looking ahead, our team is excited to see an improvement in student retention along with wonderful habits and behaviours being taught to young minds - creating better leaders of tomorrow.

✅ Apps successfully completed and launched on iOS and Android app stores

📈 Expected 25% increase retention in martial art schools 

🥋 Good habits and behaviours taught to young martial arts students

⭐ 5/5 rating from client on scheduling, cost, and quality


“Amazing team. I have never worked with a group of people that were so good and asking questions to ensure that they understood what I wanted.”
Ron Curran
(Owner of Curran’s Karate)

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