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At Raccoopack Media, we treat you as one of our own, just like a family. We value open communication with each other, going the extra mile to deliver a product that we are proud of, and sharing in success together.

What happens when you approach us with project ideas or want to brainstorm with us? We’re fairly flexible when it comes to how we work together, but to give you a bird’s eye view:

Initial Consultation

We are cool with having coffee digitally or in-person, whichever you prefer.

At the first meeting, we aim to understand your organization better and what your business needs are. You may have a well defined idea for a project, such as a casual educational game that will promote your cause, or you might be looking for us to help you brainstorm game ideas. With either approach, we will be able to help you define the project goals.

We are creatives and experts in game design — you can be confident that we can help you steer the project in the right direction.

Project Proposal

After an initial chat with you, we will bring the ideas to the drawing board to solidify and visualize your project ideas in the form of a proposal.

With a quick turnaround, we will present you a mockup of your project along with a quote based on your budget. We aim to ensure that the game’s key message and lessons taught are consistent with your business objectives.

Design and Development

Communication with you is important to us as we go into design and development. Your input and feedback is important to us – we provide frequent progress updates to maintain a clear and consistent vision of the project as we move along.

You can count on us to respond quickly to any questions that you have throughout the process, and we are always happy to meet with you to move the project forward.

Testing and Launch

Your target audience is kept in mind throughout the development of the game. Depending on the nature of the project, we often hold playtests to test the game directly with your target audience. The learnings we take are added to refine the game, such that the game is highly tailored to engage and educate your audience.

We also help you get the game out – whether it is uploading to be launched on the App Store or hosting it directly on your website.

Ongoing Support

Though the project is completed, our ongoing support continues. We provide services to continue regular maintenance, support, and expansions to the product. Our door continues to be open for any new project ideas that you have.

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