Education and Training Applications


Gamification for Education and Training

We build mobile apps, web apps, and websites that can include gamification elements that motivate your users to engage in your educational and training content.

What are the advantages of gamification?

Gamification enhances learning by providing your users with a hands-on experience as they interact with the learning content. Supporting systems, such as points and achievements, align users with your learning objectives. In one project that we completed, over 90% learners found that gamification helped them develop practical knowledge more effectively than traditional formats.

Depending on your needs, we can tailor your project to include gamified elements or gameplay. Types of projects and work that we have been hired for:

  • Interactive scenario-based training apps
  • Games that incorporate lessons and facts
  • Leaderboards to incentivize your users to play again
  • Point systems that encourage progressing further
  • Achievements and unlockable awards

With our own in-house team, we are capable of taking projects from start to launch. We can help solidify your project ideas with a project plan, build according to your needs, and take the polished product to the hands of your users.


Our services include:

  • iOS and Android app development
  • Web app development
  • Game design
  • UI/UX design
  • Prototyping and user testing
  • Project management
  • Art and animation
  • Content production

Reasons to work with us


Trusted and highly rated
We are highly rated on Clutch with a track record of project quality.


Gamification experts
Our gamification specialty enables us to build engaging and meaningful user experiences.


In-house team
Our dedicated and talented team ensures successful delivery for your projects.


Agile process
We get working prototypes out early to ensure the needs of your users are met and to iterate quickly.

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