Case Study

CARO Analytical Services | Client and Staff Order Management Portal

Product: Custom eCommerce Web Application

Platforms: Desktop, mobile, tablet

Services provided: Full cycle development, strategy and planning, UI/UX design, hosting and deployment

The Client and Staff Portal helps customers place complex online lab testing orders and easily access to their reports at any time.


Conducting a formal lab test involves many processes: There are dozens of steps involved, from filling out paperwork, ordering supplies, sending supplies to the lab, and getting the lab results. This doesn’t even scratch the surface!

To turn all of this into one simplified process, we worked with CARO to develop the most innovative and streamlined web app in their industry. 

CARO Analytical Services is a leading Canadian laboratory that provides lab testing services across North America.


The Client and Staff Portal integrates complex systems into one easy app for users.

Customer portal

Allows users to order supplies online, submit samples, and securely retrieve results in one integrated location.

Main Features

  • Bottle orders: Customers can easily browse and place orders for supplies.
  • Project management: Customers can sort their orders across projects and view their order statuses in real time.
  • Online sample submission: Customers can submit their sample information online using an automated form to speed up their workflow.
  • Invoices: Customers can locate, view, and download their order invoices.

Staff Portal

Behind the scenes, staff are supporting customers by using the staff portal that we created as part of the project:

  • Order review and management
  • Order processing
  • Customer account management
Supporting Systems

The Client and Staff Portal are enabled by various systems that we connected together:

  • eCommerce system
  • Laboratory information management system
  • Authentication system


Mapping Out the Business Processes

When we first started working with CARO, we were astounded by the number of steps, processes, and systems involved in fulfilling a lab test order.

To ensure that the app addresses the needs of each user along each step of the process, we spent time understanding CARO’s business processes and translating them into a series of user flows.

The benefit of the user flows were two fold: Not only did the user flows depict how the user will interact with the app during each step, but it also revealed opportunities where the app can be used to address pain points for users.

Validating through User Testing

At Raccoopack Media, we conduct frequent user testing to gather as much feedback as reasonably possible during the development process.

For this project, we used an agile approach where we released a testable prototype each sprint. This allowed us to facilitate user testing sessions and gather feedback with both the end users and the CARO project team. Here are some actual feedback we received!

It’s quick and flexible.”

“It would be improved here if we can see tracking information on this screen.”

Visuals are clean and the interface is clear.”

By involving the end users, we ensured that each feature effectively addresses user needs.


After a series of prototypes, user testing, and extensive quality assurance, the project was launched with success:

  • Client and Staff Portal fully launched with 99% user uptake
  • Validated product satisfaction from user testing
  • 1000s of monthly orders going digital and translating into saved administrative costs 

The project only marks the beginning! We are currently working with the client on  to add more features to further enhance the web app.

“Raccoopack Media has performed well in terms of project management. They played a major role in the information-gathering phase of the project. They helped with our documentation and mapping everything in a very organized way to ensure a seamless process.”
Ahmed Alsahli
IT Manager, CARO Analytical Services

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